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Industrial rubber And Engineering Suppliers were established in 1986, with a great deal of experience in the rubber and hosing industry.
We now a very well reputed company, industrial rubber suppliers are major suppliers in the marine, milling, chemical plants and factories mining industry.

Industrial rubber suppliers also are suppliers of tanker equipment. Hoses and any type of rubber is our specialty.
With great prices and quality we also offer excellent delivery and 24 hour breakdown service.

Industrial Rubber Suppliers offers an extensive range of industrial rubber sheeting, including Products for specialized technical application. We understand the pressures that you are under every day. our goal is to make it easier for you to source critical industrial suppliers, and it is not only about having a wide range of products in our range, but just as importantly, how we run our operation like delivering On time. It's not a token promise but a service commitment that runs throughout our organization. Whilst most of our products range is held in stock, on the odd occasion that you need a nonstandard item, we will either source it for you or custom manufacture it at short notice. Our manufacturing flexibility provides you with a one stop-shop for all your industrial supply needs.
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To be number 1 in our field of rubber products, in terms of quality, business integrity and customer services.


ln terms of product quality, business integrity, customer services and staff appreciation and Development, we will enhance our reputation and be more than our competitors. Industrial rubber products are used throughout mining, agriculture and other industrial applications in South Africa making industrial rubber one of the largest suppliers of Engineered industrial rubber products.
As a local supplier and leading supplier of hoses to South Africa. Industrial rubber offers a variety of hoses and other products.